SBLC Monetization

SBLC monetization |

Capable funder ready, willing, able to proceed SBLC monetization at LTV 65%-70% nett to SBLC provider.

Monetizer capabilities

  • Can deliver USD, EUR. Preferable EUR.
  • Typical size to monetize USD / EUR 500 mil – 5 Bil.
  • Monetization LTV: 65-70% nett, for cash backed SBLC from EU Top 25 banks
  • Monetizer’s fund come from company bank account.
  • Monetizer’s confirm money is clean. Not from criminal origin.

Working terms & conditions

  • SBLC provider must use Monetizer format of SBLC Monetization agreement.
  • Must be genuine, cash backed SBLC. Lease SBLC not allowed.
  • Provider DO NOT not need to pay back the money.
  • Monetizer to call SBLC after 1 year & 1 day.
  • SBLC provider must accept the working terms and prepare to demonstrate serious commitment and financial capabilities.


  • Provider to submit LOI to the Monetizer and sign NCNDA
  • Monetizer to provide agreement for review & discussion
  • Monetizer to fill in Bank co-ordinates for provider authentication
  • Both parties complete monetization agreement.
  • MT799 follow by MT760. Whole process within 14 banking days.
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