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Powerful ways change your life is our welcome to visitors of Opufund Holdings International.

Instead of talking on the dollars and cents, Business deals and Money, let’s start with something more intangible but it has a huge impact to your success.

Why people fail in their business?

Most people starts entering into business for a vision to be successful. No one aims to fail in the first place. But why are people fail in business ?

It is important to note that having the knowledge and skills on a particular business may not guarantee your success. Many business owners not doing the right things that will improve their business instead they are focusing on spending unnecessary time or having too much idle time to gossip with others that less successful and don’t know how to run well in their own business.

To achieve success, business owners must learn to be humble, rooted and show sincere respect to others. Kindly bless those who are more successful than you rather than feeling jealous. Everyone is born with a unique gift or talent. Use yours to the fullest, and your success is not far..

Your circle of friends affects your chance of success

The type of friends you choose to be around have a dramatic effect on your own actions and behaviors. The old proverb, “birds of a feather flock together” is still hold truth when it comes to your friends. If you want to be successful, happy, positive, healthy and filled with abundance, make sure you associate with the right people who possess those attributes.

Do this simple test, add up your 5 closest friends income and take an average number, that should be similiar to your current income earnings now. So if you need to improve your financial well being, you will need to move up to the circle to make some new friends, learn new skill sets in order to up your financial game !

Have a support group and a Mentor

If you are serious about investing in yourself and your future, find people willing to mentor you, especially in a field you want to excel in. You will not be surprised to find many experts are willing to share their knowledge and experience with you by just asking then you will be given. In fact, you should seek multiple mentors, each has different skill set. Finding someone to mentor you will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes that the mentors had made in the past, look for the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques, hence provide invaluable inspiration.

You can also network and find friends in support group who share similiar business or personal interest. At times, your best business partners may be found in the support group. Try it out !

Learn something new and attend events 

You should always keen to learn new things and acquire new skills. That is what successful people always do. They are able to achieve successfully today because they are always want to improve themselves. If you do not make it a point to keep learning, you will fast become outdated in a fast changing world.

You could enroll in your local community, learning places, online learning, read some books or articles etc. Learning is continuity and acquiring valuable knowledge from other successful business owners will increase your speed of success.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide entrepreneur incubator ship so people can have the right skills set to sustain and to improve their financial well being. As a result of this, they will have the means to support their families so as to reduce poverty, improve quality of life and health.  Through wisdom of learning powerful way to change your life, we hope you can pay-it-forward to make our world a better place to live for everyone.

From the management ,

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