Loan with 3% annual interest |

Loan with 3% annual interest project fund to kick start your business or continue your projects.

Here are project funding for real estate or business industry.

  1. Project Funding of Minimum of  €2.5 Million.
  2. Special project fund for real estate or business industry.
  3. Annual interest rate of 3%. 
  4. Grace period of repayment of principal after 36 months.
  5. Maximum repayment tenure of  10 years.
  6. Real estate or company equity  of equivalent value of €2.5 Million is pledged as collateral.
  7. Payment on lump sum €2.5 Million to borrowing entity EUR bank account within 90 days after all documents and procedures completed.
  8. Strict KYC and due Diligence needed for application.
  9. Program by application only. Request for changes of procedures not allowed.

This loan is for limited time only. Contact us to find out the terms and conditions for this loan with 3% annual interest.

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